Every year we organise a number of bonsai courses.

Those addressing beginners start in September, those addressing advanced students start in January. Advanced students have the privilege to join courses whenever they please. The number of participants is limited though, so everyone can enjoy a personalized guidance.

The courses are given once a month, always on Sunday from 9.00 h till 12.00 h.

Beginners are taken on a journey through all bonsai seasons. We make sure they are offered a rich palette of opportunities. Advanced students are allowed to work on own creations, and are given thorough, individual and professional guidance.

This way they can make their rough diamonds into polished gems and sharpen themselves in the art of bonsai.


For more details and information, you can call or contact us via


We also offer other services such as providing treatment and in-house care for your bonsai trees.

Our mending service could be useful during your holidays and for a very small fee, will give you the certainty that your favourite trees will benefit from the care of our attentive and skilful professionals.

In some cases, such a service is a good solution for trees "recovering" after "accidents".